The Final Cut: Transformation Plan


This program is best for you if:

  • You feel ready for a body and mind reset
  • You feel lost, stressed or baffled about health matters, nutrition, calories, exercise and everything related
  • You want to deeply explore and settle into your easy stride for life
  • You want to commit to an intense, dedicated period of time that sets up habits, sense memory and complete awareness of how to integrate diet, movement and mindfulness practices within your life forever
  • You are passionate about long-term health prevention and happiness into later life. This is for you.
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What does this program entail?

 6 x 60 min one-on-one virtual sessions

Step 1:  Let’s see why you are here?

Crystalizing your goals, setting up reasonable time-lines and finding your motivation behind all of this

Step 2:  What is in the way?
Digging deep to find the reasons and barriers that have kept you from reaching your goals in the past

Step 3: Let’s bust some habits
Defining your barriers and actions steps to finally put them to bed, while adding some new habits all the time

Step 4: Develop a concrete action plan
This is where we re-measure your goals see how far you have come on the journey by making only a few changes to your diet and activity and now we get down to business with a 12-week specified nutrition plan and exercise plan tailored to fit your life

Step 5: Touch base
Two weeks after being on ‘your own’ using the diet and exercise plan we have another hour session to talk about your achievements

Step 6:  Dealing with plateaus
What do we do when we hit a plateau and see no progress

Step 7: Maintenance plan
You will not be left hanging after your 12 weeks of specified diet and exercise has started you will receive practical tips, and a plan for both nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy and happy life.

The Final Cut completely resets your current health status and give you all the tools in your belt to continue on your wellness journey, making the rest of your life the best of your life!

Just because I want to make sure that this is the last time you will ever need support I am equipping you with some valuable tools.


  • FREE app to see your diet and exercises, track all of these meals and get support and feedback on any of the things you log on the app (Value 269€)
  • 6 x free online talks starting at week 4 to support you on your journey (Value 480€)
  • 4 x e-mail sessions that does not expire you can use them whenever you want. Here you can ask questions and shed off some weight, guaranteed to give you detailed answers and support to your specific questions.  All e-mails are answered by Dr Chris directly (Value 240€)
  • Maintenance plan with life-time access to the app (170€)

The above can be flexible within 3 months or longer if you need (payment plan remains). All meetings will be scheduled between us to best work for you.

Total value of the package: 2144€ But you will only pay 1159€ as a once-off payment

Payment plan option for the same package:

6 month commitment of 197€ p/m
12 months: 99€ per month for 12 months.

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